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    From Michael Dukelsky@2:5020/1042 to Kai Richter on Sunday, February 28, 2021 11:30:56
    Hello Kai,

    Saturday February 27 2021, Kai Richter wrote to andrew clarke:

    scanarea.c: w_log(LL_START, "Scanning area: %s",

    At first glance this a bug, and "LL_START" should be

    I also think this is a bug. LL_START should be used at the
    beginning of a function and before every "return" from it.

    Hm, from what the user documentation said i would expect level 1 to
    record the start of a module (hpt, htick, hptsqix, nltool...).

    Yes, you are right, I was too hasty, "LL_FUNC" should be used for entering and leaving a function but still "LL_START" should not be used instead of "LL_SCANNING".


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