• Gating between networks

    From Frank Linhares@1:229/101 to All on Monday, February 17, 2020 19:58:42
    I have been trying to wrap my head around this for the past day and wanted to bounce this across the echo.

    Is there a way to efficiently gate netmail between two different FTN networks using any of the husky tools, like hpt.

    Many years ago (25+) I gated netmail between two FTN networks. I was using FastEcho then but most days I can't remember what I had for breakfast let
    alone how I did something 25 years ago.

    The idea is to create a link with a system in the other network specifically for this task. The kicker here is that we already have links to each others networks so the standard routing of "route crash ##:##/### ##:*" won't work
    as our aka for each respective network takes over. The other option that came to mind is that both users setup a stand alone node for this specific
    purpose, but I still don't think that will work as we are already on each others network.


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