• Soupgate import error 2

    From Sean Rima@2:263/1.1 to Alan Ianson on Wednesday, July 01, 2020 15:02:48

    Hello Alan!

    01 Jul 20 00:30, you wrote to me:

    I used pktinfo and this is the result

    pktinfo -h -t fido/inbound/00000000.bad
    PktInfo/lnx 1.9.0-cur 2020-04-15

    Pkt-Name: fido/inbound/00000000.bad
    OrigAddr: 2:263/1.2
    DestAddr: 2:263/1.0
    pkt created: Tue Jun 30 17:05:53 2020
    pkt Password:
    prodCode: 0100
    prodRevision 0.0
    A 17:17:05 There are 112716 bytes of unknown data at the end of
    pkt file!

    That looks like a corrupt .pkt file.

    At this stage I am stumped. I know it maybe something small.

    Probably, if you can determine why it's corrupt.

    Can that packet be tossed successfully by a different tosser?

    I dont use anything else. Maybe I will try something else to see if I can get it to work

    --- GoldED+/OSX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: A Pointless Point in Connemara (2:263/1.1)