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    From Kai Richter@2:240/77 to Alessandro Trebbi on Friday, May 01, 2020 16:07:14
    Hello Alessandro!

    01 May 20, Alessandro Trebbi wrote to All:

    the filter should simply copy netmail messages directed to my node in another area

    That should be included in hpt already.

    Maybe some of this keywords will fit your needs:

    * CarbonAddr:: make carbonCopy using from address of msg
    * CarbonAndQuit:: carbon message only one time
    * CarbonCopy:: specify the area where the carbon copies go into
    * CarbonDelete:: specify that the carbon msg should be deleted
    * CarbonExcludeFwdFrom:: exclude " * Forward from area " string
    * CarbonExtern:: specify the external program to pass msg text to
    * CarbonFrom:: make carbonCopy using from-field of msg
    * CarbonFromArea:: carbon messages from area
    * CarbonGroups:: make carbonbonCopy from this groups
    * CarbonKeepSb:: keep seen-by's and path
    * CarbonKludge:: make carbonCopy using kludge lines of msg
    * CarbonMove:: specify the area where the carbon msg get moved * CarbonOut:: carbon outgoing messages
    * CarbonReason:: string of carbon copy reason
    * CarbonRule:: how to combine Carbon expressions
    * CarbonSubj:: make carbonCopy using subject-field of msg
    * CarbonText:: make carbonCopy using text-field of msg
    * CarbonTo:: make carbonCopy using to-field of msg
    * ExcludePassthroughCarbon:: don't carbon in passthrough areas
    * NetmailExtern:: specify the external Program to pass netmail

    Just to repeat a last year example from Fabio:

    # Carbon Copy Personal Netmail
    CarbonFromArea NetMailArea
    CarbonRule AND
    CarbonTo Fabio Bizzi
    CarbonRule NOT
    CarbonFrom Areafix
    CarbonRule NOT
    CarbonFrom ALLFIX+
    CarbonRule NOT
    CarbonFrom Filefix
    CarbonCopy Personal

    NetMailArea is the name of the netmail and Personal an existing target area.



    --- GoldED+/LNX
    * Origin: Monobox (2:240/77)