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    On 22 Dec 2021, Ray Quinn said the following...
    Let's go Brandon!

    If we could separate out the Bay Area, LA, and the central coast, California would be a very conservative state. I could do like some of my friends and relatives and leave, including my niece and son. They are much, much happier now.

    It's better to be judged by twelve, than carried by six.

    People are leaving NY and California in droves... I hope they don't
    bring their ideology with them...

    I'm not your typical Californian. My family's ideology seems quite similar
    to yours. I lived along the central coast in the late 1980's and couldn't stand their politics. Moved back to the San Joaquin Valley and have lived
    here ever since.

    My octogenerian dad (that's 80 years old, for those uninformed) has said
    he would like to move out of California. They could live so much better
    on their retirement if they did. He and his family moved here from Oklahoma
    in 1949 and earned a living as migrant farm workers. We would likely follow them, but other family ties would delay that for a time.

    Let's go Brandon!

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    Hello W6RAY!

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    I didn't plan on it sending the same message with that much frequency.

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    Odd. Somehow my rarely-used MultiMail setup sent multiple REPly packets. Sorry!


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