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    By: rbernardo@iglou.com to Daniel on Thu Aug 08 2019 05:36 pm

    Oh, would you come down on Saturday before the meeting and/or depart on Monday after the meeting? If so, we can arrange hotel accommodations for you.
    We're probably moving the meeting to Sunday, August 25, due to other events getting in the way of our usual Sunday date. And we'll have a C64 waiting for you!

    If you're going to have a meeting again soon, I'll be flying down. Things are back to normal. i'd fly down for the day, not staying overnight. It's a short flight from Sacramento. I flew to Reedley last weekend to see my mother in law and that was an hour with a strong headwind.

    Daniel Traechin
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    Hi, Daniel,

    I don't expect us having an in-person meeting until July. That goes for the Fresno Commodore User Group
    and the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network. Just keep watching the forums for the latest
    meeting updates on our clubs. SCCAN meeting updates are found on the front page of the SCCAN website


    Robert Bernardo
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