• Stereo Player wouldnt load Sid files

    From traymond160@gmail.com@3:770/3 to All on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 13:03:46
    I had posted about an issue with the older
    STEREOPLAYERV10.3 I had thought this was a SuperCPU problem.
    After the computer has been on for about 3 or more hours after a time when I would go to load a Sid file it wouldnt load.
    I did confirm that when this happens the computer *does* lockup.

    It finally occured to me that maybe the StereoPlayerV10.3 player files
    *all of them* may just be corrupted.
    So I recopied the Stereo Player files and this problem seems to have been solved, so far no more lockups and the Sid files load okay.
    No one really responded to my question but this is what I finally found out.

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