• RPi TCP Modem Image

    From Dropnine@3:770/3 to All on Monday, October 26, 2020 19:23:02

    I updated my Raspberry Pi tcp serial bridge image with the compile of the newer
    source and updated OS. I use it with a 10 year old RPi B+, C128, and turbo232 cart., and a max232 interfaced with the RPi's GPIO (it will also accept a decent usb to serial,
    as well) -- the image should work thru to RPi 3, I would figure. I haven't tested it with RPi4.

    It's just a minimal linux install with tcpser. This image is fault tolerant and
    runs tcpser under systemd; enable, disable, restart, stop, start, status, etc all work fine. sshd is turned on by default so you control it remotely on your

    Read the document and have fun with it. It's located here if you want it:


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