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    Greetings to all super heroes and various super criminals out there in cyberspace,

    I want to thank those of you who responded to my "whining" about no book sales and literally went bananas in buying my first Commodore book, "Run/Stop-Restore: 10 Anniversary Edition." This copy, as you probably found out, was full of flaws and even had
    a PC2 on the front cover. This is why in the back of my book I included a pictures of my kids and I holding a read Commodore 64 so, for those who don't don't know, you could see what a real machine looks like. You all are great are
    I appreciate your

    However, please don't stop there. If you go to the Amazon Bookstore you'll find
    the rest of my books that are on sale and for a much cheaper price than what you spent on the first book. All 3 of my skit books and my next Commodore book,
    More 8 Bit Thoughts In A Gigabit World" will be found. These books took a small
    team of one heckuva cover artist in middle Missouri and my great sister-in-law to do the interior editing. These books are more professionally done and have a
    lot more
    chuckles in them and maybe a guffaw or two.

    So if you're still locked down by this crazy COVID-19 thing and are looking for
    something to do, then please support me and your local UPS affiliate by getting
    these books from Amazon.com.

    If you're ever in the Kansas CIty, KS area and have my books with you, then please post something and we can set up a meeting place where I will personally
    sign your copy for you. I'm more than happy to meet someone who supported me and my efforts to
    become a great and successful writer.

    Great Caesar's Palace! Before I forget, also check out some videos starring me demonstrating some BASIC programs that I have written over the last 28 years. As usual, I try to demonstrate my work with a slight hand of humor, but most of
    the time I don't
    make it and just stick with the facts. I want to thank BIOSjerbil for making these videos while I was in Las Vegas doing Commodore shows. You can find these
    videos on YouTube.

    If you can ever find a copy, my very first ever published work to be released in a magazine was in November 1992, the very month and year my youngest son was
    born. Timing could not have been better. The title of the work was called "Check Printer 64/128"
    and could be found in an old issue of RUN magazine on page 22. If anyone wants to follow my Commodore shenanigans, then please find copies of "The Interface" Commodore newsletter and "Reset" international magazine coming out of Australia. "The Interface"
    can be found by Googling "Fresno Commodore User Group." I don't think "Reset" can be found on the Internet, but those of you with great search skills should be able to find it.

    As you can tell by my avatar, I still think I'm a superhero. I'm just more of a
    trainer for future superheroes since most of my powers and skills have waned over the years due to age and slowly crippling conditions like arthritis, but nothing I do will
    ever take place of those men and women who are really heroes like our armed forces, law enforcement, and those who are on the front lines during these trying times. I take what's left of my hair off to them. They are fantastic. God bless.

    Thanks for reading this incredibly long post. You all are number one in my book.

    John 20:31,
    "In Brightest Day"


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