• The Hobby Line! BS

    From Mike Dippel@3:640/1116 to ALL on Thursday, March 04, 2021 19:59:54
    The Hobby Line! BBS
    Running Wildcat 8

    telnet/http: hobbylinebbs.com

    Door games online include most of The Sunrise Doors

    NEW USERS now have AUTOMATIC access to most doors and to download files.

    Read and post messages locally and on International networks such as
    FIDO, WinsNet and now HobbyNet (hub)

    HobbyNet is a small FTN echomail network set up by Mike Dippel to support Sysops who
    want to provide hobby-related topics for their users.

    How to join... Joining is as simple as completing an online form, and setting up the
    necessary message and file echos. You will then be sent an email with any necessary
    details, and we will begin sending you messages.

    If interested in carrying HobbyNet, please go to https://www.hobbynet.hobbyline.com
    Info packets are downloadable from there.

    Mike Dippel

    --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v7.0
    * Origin: The Hobby Line! BBS (3:640/1116)