• Illegitimate President

    From Lee Lofaso@2:221/360 to Dan Cross on Monday, May 18, 2020 19:03:54
    Hello Dan,


    I get you now. If i were a democrat I wouldn't accept ownership AT>of the
    party either.

    You must think I find it vexing that you think you're somehow
    secretly "outing" me as a closet Democrat. Honestly, however,
    I just find it mildly baffling but more amusing at your obvious
    lack of ability to read.

    Donald J. Trump is not a registered voter.
    Therefore, he cannot be a member of the Republican Party.

    Once upon a time, he lived in the state of New York.
    And had a real residence, known as Trump Tower, in New York.
    He may even have been a Democrat.
    Once upon a time.
    Then he decided to join the Republican Party.
    Presumably so he could run for President.
    Which he had previously threatened to do as a Democrat.
    Once upon a time.
    Then he decided to run as a Republican.
    But that was when he was a registered voter.

    Since winning the highest office in the land, he got tired
    of having to pay all those high taxes in New York. So he up
    and left, moving to his private club in Florida. But since
    his private club has a rule limiting his stay to 7 days, he
    tried to list it as his residence. Which the state of Florida
    denied, since people do not normally live on golf courses -
    especially those with a boating dock.

    In order to be a member of the Republican Party, one must be
    a registered voter. In order to be a registered voter, one must
    have a place of residence within the state. Since Donald J. Trump
    has no residence in the state of Florida, or anywhere else, he
    cannot be a registered voter, or a member of the Republican Party.

    In order to qualify for being a candidate for president, each
    primary in every state has a rule that only members of the Republican
    Party can compete in the Republican primary. The state of Florida
    is a closed primary state, in which only Republicans are allowed
    to compete with each other.

    Since Donald J. Trump is not qualified to run as a candidate,
    his upcoming nomination as the Republican nominee for president
    will be a sham. And if Donald J. Trump goes on to win a second
    term as president, we can all say with all honesty that he in
    in fact an illegitimate president.


    Be Stupid

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