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    From Lee Lofaso@2:221/360 to Aaron Thomas on Monday, July 27, 2020 06:19:03
    Hello Aaron,

    How can a person complain about a local Republican Committee Chairman
    get results?
    Refuse to donate to his/her cause.

    I appreciate that advice, but this isn't that easy. It's the chairman of the
    local Republican Committees (around New York State.) These guys are
    supposed to find us candidates, and they are doing a bad job - they are NOT finding us candidates, and they're basically handing control to any
    Democrat who wants the job.

    Back in the 1970s well over 90% of all elected officials in Louisiana
    were Democrats. Only perhaps two or three Republicans in the state
    legislature. And no Republican had ever been elected to statewide
    office. Today, the state Senate is two-thirds Republican, and the
    state House of Representatives is two votes short of a two-thirds
    majority, with the governor being the sole statewide elected Democrat.

    How did this happen? Republicans did it by starting from the ground
    up. They elected individuals to serve on the most basic level, that
    of committees, and from there grew their party to what it is today.

    What Trump is doing is what Republicans in Louisiana did some forty
    odd years ago. Elect a handful of people on committees, and grow things
    from there. Today, the Republican Party is no longer what it used to
    be, and never will return to what it once was.

    There probably was legitimate science to this at some point in the past, but
    now these chairmen are destroying democracy. I'll assume they're being paid by Democrats, but I'm wondering how to stop the madness?

    It is not Democrats who are destroying the Republican Party.
    It is Donald Trump and his minions who are doing that. Get a
    small number of his own elected to local committees, and grow
    his "movement" into a new kind of political force.

    I write to my local chairman, he gives me a load of garbage about how he
    "did all I could" and then he thinks I'm going to just forget about it and embrace Democrat culture. I don't know where to turn because he is the chairman - is there anyone higher?

    You have to remove the rug from under his feet. But to do that,
    you also have to remove the rug from under those who are already
    in the process of doing that. IOW, you have to figure out how to
    out-Republican those who are trying to out-Republican Republicans
    in order to have a majority Republican committee that serves

    Good luck with that.


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