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    From Kevin@VERT/MMN to THE MASTER-SPY on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 09:32:00
    On 16/03/2020 05:40, THE MASTER-SPY wrote to ALL:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to access Dovenet with Wildcat 6.4 ? O do I have
    to stay on Syncronet for the time being? he reason that I ask ios that it is very easy to
    set up a file server BBS with Wildcat WinSever 6.4, and I have an original ky from my
    early days of BBSing (late80s to late 90s).

    Yes, yes it is ! I run Wildcat v6.3.452.5 and I'm able to. You need to set it up as a QWK
    network, subscribe with your node name on vert.synchro.net, and pop on to Robert
    Wolf's BBS (winserver.org) and download wcQWKNET so you can automate the upload
    and download of the QWK packets using wcEvent.

    See http://wiki.synchro.net/network:dove-net

    It's pretty easy to get rolling, but'll spend a bit of time getting it all setup, let me know if
    you have any questions.

    wcQWK 6.0 MMN :: (416) 548-4117 :: dial.bbs.ec :: www.bbs.ec