• Mutiny Door Contest #2 (Mines of Gorr)

    From Divarin@VERT/MUTINY to All on Tuesday, November 17, 2020 14:25:43
    Hey all, I did this once before probably about a year ago (or more) and now I think it's time to do it again.
    It's time for another BBS Door contest! Along with running Mutiny BBS (mutinybbs.com:2332) I also have a small online store (jadedchicken.com) where I occasionally sell some stuff that might be of interest to this community. I have a few vintage handheld electronic games, physical copies of the C64 game I wrote a couple of years ago (Trolley Follies), and I make floppy disks for people who need . well, floppy disks made such as utilities and shareware to test out your old computers and see if they work before you spring for a hard drive or something. (Oh and disks with Telix on it so you can BBS on your vintage PCs)
    As prizes to the contest I'm offering coupons for discounts on orders at Jaded Chicken.: $25, $10, and $5 (first, second, and third prizes).
    The last contest used the game Bubble Boggle and had only one prize. This one will use Mines of Gorr. The prizes will be awarded based on the experience your character has achieved at the end of the contest (one month from now). The player with the most experience points gets first prize, the one with the second most gets second prize and the one with the third most gets third prize. I thought this would be fun because in this game you can choose whether you want to spend your time and energy building up your character, delving deeper into the mines, or attacking other players.
    It's a little bit promoting my BBS, a little bit promoting my store, but pretty much entirely just for fun.
    Be sure to check out the rules and overview in the message board on Mutiny (BBS Doors Discussion group) and also, very important, the contest only applies to the Mines of Gorr in the *CONTEST* section, the Mines of Gorr in the main *Mutiny Games* section is not a part of the contest, I decided to leave that alone as it already has players playing it.

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