• The Gate BBS

    From Gate Keeper@VERT/TIME/BATTLEST to SBL on Saturday, September 26, 2020 07:52:05
    Name: The Gate BBS
    Birth: 01/01/80
    Software: Synchronet
    Sysop: Gate Keeper
    Sysop: Harleymoon

    E-mail: gate.keeper@thegateb.synchro.net
    Web-site: thegateb.synchro.net

    Number: thegateb.synchro.net
    MinRate: 65535
    MaxRate: 23
    Location: Shelby, nc

    Number: thegatebbs.sytes.net
    MinRate: 65535
    MaxRate: 666
    Location: Shelby, nc

    Network: DoveNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: DeveloperNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: MusicalNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: GameNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: AllianceNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: FidoNet
    Address: 1:3634/27

    Network: DarkNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: GatorNet
    Address: QWK

    Network: ACnet
    Address: @1

    Terminal: ASCII
    Terminal: ANSI

    Megs: 999999
    Msgs: 35894
    Files: 5421358
    Nodes: 20
    Users: 999
    Subs: 125
    Dirs: 100
    Xtrns: 40

    Desc: Online since 1980
    Desc: Loads of nets, loads of files, loard of door games
    Desc: and much much more!

    --- SBL2SMB 2.1.11-Win32
    Synchronet Battlestar BBS - battlestarbbs.dyndns.org
  • From MRO@VERT/BBSESINF to Gate Keeper on Saturday, September 26, 2020 15:51:05
    Re: The Gate BBS
    By: Gate Keeper to SBL on Sat Sep 26 2020 07:52 am

    wrong msg sub

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