• Finally, an online 'cyberpunk'game.

    From Fang-Castro@VERT/FTPBBS to All on Sunday, September 13, 2020 14:43:53

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    Release Version 1.02 is now available

    Finally, an online 'cyberpunk' game that comes close to
    portraying computing as depicted in classic cyberpunk
    works like Neuromancer by William Gibson. In this game
    the player is a NetRunner, an arrogant and bold futur-
    istic hacker. Armed with his cyberdeck and an arsenal
    of offensive, defensive and analysis software he's
    ready to invade corporate systems in the grid and raid
    their credits, for fame and fortune! It's no cakewalk
    though! Waiting for the unwary are Intrusion Counter-
    measures (IC). Machine controlled defenses that can
    inflict damage to hardware and software, steal the
    players own credits and even cause... death.

    Interested? flee.fsxnet.nz:2323

    Synchronet Flee the Planet BBS [flee.fsxnet.nz:2323]